ekky_wolly (emlam) wrote in chuck_fetish,

Rare style converse

Hello!! I was clearing up some stuff from my storage room
yesterday and found 2 pairs of barely worn converse.
So I have decided to post it up and see if anyone will be interest...
I got them from Japan a couple of years back =) Rare style + colors

Super cute with purple lace and white fabric.
Only small marks at the top as shown, and a few dots on the side of fabric.
Barely noticeable. White is fresh as new, non-smoker home.

Both are women's size 6 - 6.5

I am thinking of around $15USD for each, but feel free to offer
I will only accept paypal and  will mail out once payment is sent.
Shipping to Canada - $7USD extra
Shipping to Worldwide - $10USD extra
(insurance included)

Item location is in Canada

Thank you for looking! =)
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